The Airport

In January 2015, through a public bidding launched by the Government of Minas Gerais, the Presidente Itamar Franco Airport started to be administered by the Concessionária do Aeroporto da Zona da Mata S.A, formed by Socicam Administração, Projetos e Representações Ltda. and Companhia Brasileira de Comércio Exterior (CBCE).  Socicam is a company with extensive experience in the administration of bus terminals (such as Tietê Bus Terminal in São Paulo/SP), airport terminals (such as the Airport of Caldas Novas-GO), as well as urban and container terminals.  CBCE is a benchmark in foreign trade and a pioneer in logistics within its service area.

Business overview

Enable business solutions to citizen service, improving people’s lives

Find out other characteristics of the Airport:

  • Category 7 for fire-fighting;
  • Active cargo terminal;
  • Apron area;
  • Runway surface markings;
  • Specialized handling team;
  • Wide area for hangar installation;
  • Baggage carousel;
  • Flight information display system;
  • X-ray of checked and carry-on baggage.

The Presidente Itamar Franco Airport is located on the highway MG-353, between the cities of Goianá and Rio Novo – MG. See the access information:


The Airport is located on the highway MG-353, KM 38, city of Goianá, access road from Juiz de Fora to the interior of Zona da Mata.

GPS coordinates: -21.485265, -43.167383.


There are currently two independent companies that provide the connection service to the Airport, departing from the city of Juiz de Fora: Viação José Maria Rodrigues and Viação Bassamar.


Viação José Maria Rodrigues

Viação Bassamar


The Airport has an independent taxi company, the Companhia de Táxi Aeroporto Zona da Mata, which serves disembarked customers and connects with surrounding cities.


Companhia de Taxi Aeroporto da Zona da Mata

For your convenience, Presidente Itamar Franco Airport offers wide parking with possibility of overnight and longer stays. See the table below:

tabela de preços_ENUS

The companies Azul Linhas Aéreas and Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes operate at the airport, with four daily operations to Viracopos Airport (VCP) in Campinas and to Congonhas Airport (CGH) in São Paulo. Thus, connections are offered throughout Brazil.


Call center:
0300 115 2121
0800 280 04 65


Call center:
4003 1118 (capitals)
Customer service: 0800 884 4040 / 0800 887 1118

Service fee – R$ 23.49

Landing fee – R$ 7.18

All fees are regulated according to Ordinance No. 169/SRA, from January 17, 2017, which can be fully read here.

• Taxi
• Coffee shop
• Car rental
• Transfer to Juiz de Fora bus station (Viação José Maria Rodrigues and Viação Bassamar)
• Utilities & Craft store
• Parking

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